Two Views

stansilausPaul and Stanislaus were brothers studying at the University of Vienna.  Paul is unknown; Stanislaus has been canonized by the church and is affectionately know as St. Stanislaus.

Paul was wild, selfish, set on having his own will, quick of temper;  Stanislaus’ quiet refusal to join in his revels seemed a standing rebuke to him and nettled him.  He would try to justify himself by scolding Stanislaus.

“You shame us!” he would cry.  “You do not act like a nobleman, but like some boorish peasant.”

“We take different ways, Paul,” Stanislaus would answer. “I do not condemn yours.  Why not let me alone in mine?”  Or he would say:

“No man shames his name by trying to please God.  As for what men may think or say, that does not matter much.  Do you think we shall bother much about that in Eternity?”—The Liguorian, Vol. XII, No. 1, January, 1924