Prayer for Our Boys In the Service


“O Mary, Queen of Martyrs, look after that boy of mine wherever he may be.  Walk in upon him.  Talk with him during the silent watches of the night and spur him to bravery when he faces the cruel foe.  Transfer my prayer to his heart.  Keep my boy inspired by a never-dying faith in God.  Throughout all the long days of hopeful victory, wherever his duty takes him, keep his spirit high and his purpose unwavering.

He is my choicest treasure.  Take care of him, O Mother of God! Keep him in health and sustain him under every possible circumstance.  I once warmed him under my heart, you warm him in his shelter under the stars.  Touch him with my smile of cheer and comfort, and my full confidence in his every brave pursuit.  Fail him not and may he not fail his God—his country nor the mother who bore him.” —Our Lady of Fatima Magazine, April 1967.