St. Lucy

st_lucySt. Lucy, a native of Syracuse, Sicily, consecrated herself to God from her childhood. Her mother did not know of her bow and wished her to marry a young pagan. At the tomb of St. Agatha, she prayed for the cure of her mother from a serious disease. When this prayer was granted she informed her mother of her vow, to which her mother then consented.

When the young pagan saw her distributing her goods among the poor, his anger knew no bounds. He accused her before Paschasius the governor, of being a Christian. She was brought before a judge who commanded her to be exposed to temptation in an evil house. But God watched over her and made her absolutely immovable so that no number of guards could carry her to that place. In a similar way He preserved her from the pains of fire and other dreadful torments. Finally she died in prison of wounds she had received (304). Her name is in the Cannon of the Mass.

(Source: The New Roman Missal, Rev. F. X. Lasance)