St. Clement

popeclement1St. Clement, styled by St. Paul in his letters to the Philippians (iv, 3) as his “fellow-laborer,” succeeded St. Cletus as Pope in the year 90. He is named third in the Canon of the Mass, after the apostles. There is no serious reason for doubting his martyrdom, although the account of it is apocryphal.

That the Clement mentioned by St. Paul is the same as the pope and martyr, commemorated today, is denied by many. His church in Rome is an example of the Roman basilica of an early time. His Acts state that he was buried at Chersonesus in Crimea. When the Apostles of the Slavs, Cyril and Methodius, went to Rome with them as a gift to the Pope the relics of St. Clement discovered by them at Chersonesus.