St. Prosdecimus

D.Campagnola, Hlg.Prosdocimus - D.Campagnola / St.Prosdocimus /Ptg./ C16 - D. Campagnola / Saint ProsdocimeHe was a Grecian, a disciple of St. Peter, and is said to have been appointed by him bishop of Padua, where he planted the faith, and in the neighboring cities of Concordia, Vicenzi, &c. He died on the 7th of November, about the year 103, or later. His body was buried out of the walls of the city, where the church and rich Benedictine monastery of St. Justina were founded, in which a sumptuous marble chapel bears the title of St. Prosdecimus.

The same church was also enriched with the relics of St. Daniel, martyr, levite of St. Prosdecimus, who suffered death for the faith in the persecution of Nero. The church of St. Justina was the cathedral, till it was made a rich Benedictine abbatial church, before the year 1000. Since that time, the new cathedral of St. Sophia possesses the relics of St. Daniel the martyr.

(From Butler”s Lives of the Saints)