St. Charles Borromeo

St. Charles BorromeoAbout fifty years after the Protestant heresy began, Our Lord raised up a mere youth to renew the face of His Church. The life work of St. Charles may be divided into two periods, first, the activities he discharged beside his uncle Pius IV which embraced not only Rome but the universal Church. Secondly, the pastoral office which he filled at Milan, as the Bishop and Apostle of that diocese. He may be said to have directed from Rome the last phase of the Council of Trent.

The zeal displayed by St. Charles in fulfilling his pastoral duties is almost incredible. His field of action as Archbishop of Milan and Legate of the Holy See was very extensive. Yet there was no deserted Alpine village which was not included in his pastoral visitation. His biographers tell us that in three weeks he consecrated no less than fifteen churches. He established a seminary, whose rules have been the basis of seminary regulations since that time. He died November 4, 1584.