Apparition of Mary at Fatima 1917


Once again Mary, the Mother of God appeared as promised to the three children. She told them, “Continue to pray the Rosary in order to obtain the end of the war. In October, Our Lord will come as well as Our Lady of Sorrows and Our Lady of Mount Carmel, and Saint Joseph will appear with the Child Jesus in order to bless the world. God is satisfied with your sacrifices, but He does not want you to sleep with the rope. Wear it only during the day.” The children had been wearing a coarse rope around their waists as a form of penance for sinners. Our Lady of Fatima also promised to heal some of those who had made such requests.

(Adapted from:

St. Eulogius

220px-EulogioCordovamartSt. Eulogius was a Syrian by birth, and embraced young the monastic state in that country. The Eutychian heresy was then split into various sects, as it usually happens among such as have left the center of union. These, by their tyranny and the fury of their contests, had thrown the churches of Syria and Egypt into much confusion, and a great part of the monks of Syria were at that time become remarkable for their loose morals and errors against faith. Eulogius learned from the fall of others to stand more watchfully and firmly upon his guard, and was not less distinguished by the innocence and sanctity of his manners than by the purity of his doctrine.

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