St. Jerome

JeromeSt. Jerome was born in Dalmatia in 329. Even during his life he was renowned as a Doctor and Interpreter of Holy Scripture. He defended Catholic teaching against many heresies; his chief aim was to be a perfect monk and before he would consent to be raised to the priesthood he exacted a promise from Paulinus, Bishop of Antioch, that this new dignity should in no way interfere with his monastic vocation.

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St. Wenceslaus

9_28_wenceslaus2St. Wenceslaus, duke of Bohemia, ruled that country during its period of conversion to Christianity. His devotion to the Holy Eucharist is mentioned by St. Alphonsus in his book, Visits to the Blessed Sacrament.

Wenceslaus was in the habit of sowing and reaping with his own hands the wheat from which the hosts were to be made, and he used to rise in the night even during the coldest seasons to visit the Blessed Sacrament. His virtue was the cause of his death, for it aroused the antagonism of his evil-minded mother and brother, who caused him to be assassinated September 28, 938.

(Source: The New Roman Missal, Rev. F. X. Lasance)