Sts. Timothy, Hippolytus and Symphorian

TimothySt. Timothy of Antioch was martyred at Rome in the Fourth Century. He was buried in a special grave in the gardens of Theona, not far from the cemetery of St. Paul. This was a recognition of the fact that he bore the same name as the great disciple of St. Paul.

St. Hippolytus (not the rival of Pope Callixtus) was a martyr of Porto. His history is wrapped in obscurity.

St. Symphorian is a celebrated martyr of Autun, beheaded under the reign of Aurelian about 180. When he was being led to martyrdom his pious mother called to him: “My son, my son look up to heaven and behold Him Who reigns there. You are not being led to death, but to a better life.”

(Source: The New Roman Missal, Rev. F. X. Lasance)