Commemoration of St. Paul the Apostle

st-paulAs June 29th is mainly devoted to the honoring of St. Peter, this day is assigned as the special feast of St. Paul. The Mass of today according to ancient Roman traditions was that of the second station of yesterday. As Peter still lives and governs through his successors, so does Paul continue to preach the Gospel every day throughout the world by means of his writings which the Church reads almost invariably at Holy Mass.

The Acts and the Epistles tell us enough about the life of Paul to give us a rule and model of what a truly pastoral and apostolic life should be. On this model, under the rule of St. Benedict for more than fourteen hundred years, the disciples of the Patriarch of Monte Cassino have lived in a monastery in the shadow of the Basilica, and carried on the Divine Office. (Source: The New Roman Missal by Father Lasance)