Sts. John and Paul

john_paulSts. John and Paul were both Christian officers in the army under Julian the Apostate. They suffered martyrdom in their own house, probably in the year 362. They spent ten allowed to them to deliberate about renouncing their devotion to Christ in distributing all their goods to the poor.

The fact that, unlike other martyrs who were buried outside the walls, they had their place of burial in the vary heart of the Eternal City, was looked upon by the earlier Christians as a special honor granted to them and to Rome by Divine Providence. Archeological discoveries have fully confirmed the truth of the Acts of their martyrdom.

Their dwelling-house, the place of their execution, the graves, and the important paintings have been brought to light. The two brothers when on earth possessed one home and one Faith, and now in heaven possess the same immortal crown in heaven.
(Adapted from The New Roman Missal by Father Lasance)