St. Simeon, Bishop, Martyr:

stsimeon_jerusalem18-2This holy Bishop was according to an ancient tradition, the last offshoot of the noble stem of Jesse, and a distant relative of Our Savior. He became Bishop of Jerusalem and was crucified under Emperor Trajan, A.D. 107.
St. Simeon was the son of Cleophas, otherwise called Alpheus, brother to St. Joseph, and of Mary, sister of the Blessed Virgin. He was therefore nephew both to St. Joseph and to the Blessed Virgin, and cousin-german to Christ. Simeon and Simon are the same name, and this saint is, according to the best interpreters of the holy scripture, the Simon mentioned, who was brother to St. James the Lesser, and St. Jude, apostles, and to Joseph or Jose. He was eight or nine years older than our Saviour.

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