St. Anicetus

St. Anicetus was Pope when St. Polycarp, the of St. John came to Rome to consult about the date on which Easter should be kept. The reasons offered by St. Polycarp did not convince St. Anicetus, nor did the argument of Anicetus move St. Polycarp. St. Anicetus had such respect for St. Polycarp, who had known St. John the Evangelist, that although disagreeing on this matter of discipline, he allowed St. Polycarp to celebrate Mass in the presence of all the faithful in Rome. He was given the title of martyr, because of his sufferings for the Faith, although he was not put to death by his persecutors. He died about 161, and was buried in the Vatican near the tomb of the Apostles, where all the Popes of the first two centuries were buried.

(Source: Fr. Lasance, The New Roman Missal)

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