St. Januarius and Companions

200px-Saint_JanuariusDuring the persecution under Diocletian St. Januarius, patron of the city of Naples and bishop of Beneventum, was beheaded with his deacons and some others. In the great church at Naples are preserved some of the blood of St. Januarius in two glass phials, and also his head. The blood is congealed, but every year up to the present is liquefies when placed near the martyr’s head. This miracle had been verified both by the scientists and by many pious and learned persons.

Cardinal Schuster, now Archbishop of Milan, was able to observe it closely and, like others who have studied it, was obliged to confess that there seems to be no possible natural explanation of this event. It may be that in this manner God is pleased to show to the people of Naples that the blood of their great Patron is still active and powerful in the sight of the Lord, for with God there is no past, but all is present and living in His sight.

(Source: The New Roman Missal, Rev. F. X. Lasance)

Anniversary of the apparition of Mary at LaSalette, France in 1846, where she said, Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the antichrist … The Church will be in eclipse.”

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