St. Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows

gabriel-francis-our-lady-of-sorrowsGabriel was born at Assisi, March 1, 1838, the eleventh of thirteen children. He was devoted to the pleasures of the world but, guided by Our Lady into the Passionist Order, he became a true apostle of her sorrows.

There was nothing extraordinary about him except his faithfulness to prayer, his love of sacrifice, and his joyful spirit. At the age of 23, just as he was finishing his studies for the priesthood, was stricken with tuberculosis, and died a year later at Isola on February 27, 1862. There were no miraculous events in his life, but after his death miracles occurred at his tomb.

He is called St. Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrowful because of his great love for Mary suffering with her Son, Jesus. He is the Patron Saint of Clerics, Students and Young People.

(Adapted from various sources)

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